War FireEdit

War Fire is a RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Game where you can command your forces to battle against other player from anywhere in the world. War Fire is also a world where you can team up with friends and join legions to make enemies fall against you, you may also seize other's farms and mines.

War fire is  a 100% Free-2-Play Game. Check out custom features to see what are waiting for you ate War Fire!

Project ProgressEdit

[OK] Basic Client's Graphics Structure

[OK] Client's Textures Pre-Load

[OK] Client's Fonts Pre-Load

[OK] Client's GUI Info Pre-Load

[OK] Client's Server Info Pre-Load

[OK] Login Structure (Login and Game Server)

     ∟ Server Select
     ∟ Account Server Login
     ∟ Game Server Login

[OK] Primary Packets

[OK] Real Time Updates (Client and Server)


Latest activityEdit



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